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Technical support

Shapes and dimensions of gaskets

Thanks to our machinery operated by experienced workers, we are capable of producing gaskets of virtually any size and shape according to both standardized and atypical dimensions. As a matter of course, we produce gaskets according to standards used all over the world, both current and older, such as EN, ASME, ČSN, GOST, OST, DIN, BS, etc. For gaskets of large diameters made of flat sealing material, we are not at all limited by the dimensions of the basic sealing material (1,5 x 3m, 1 x 1m, etc.) but we are able to manufacture gaskets of e.g. 4000 mm in diameter, put together from segments connected using the “puzzle” system. In terms of shape, we are capable of making a wide range of shapes, from common “full face” gaskets with holes for bolts, to round and articulate oil pans to complex shapes used, for example, in ribbed cooling units or even various promotional products (see Fig. Temac continents – Temafast Economy sealing sheet). All these complex shapes are stamped using standard or special stamping dies, cut by a CNC machine or water jet. Used materials may be e.g. soft PTFE or high-grade steel.

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