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Our company provides full technical support in the field of flange joints, technical design as well as active participation of «Temac Technical Team» directly at customer’s facilities. We are ready to professionally discuss the requirements of our customers and in co-operation with the managers of individual production departments of Temac we will propose comprehensive sealing solutions, produce seals in required quality, deliver them to the customer and install them at customer’s facilities. We closely co-operate with leading specialists in the field of tightening and installation of flange joints.

We will be pleased to hear your requirements to consult them, design and ensure a comprehensive calculation according to currently valid standards.

The co-operation with the specialists from «BELZONA Service Point» allows us to successfully resolve repairs or find solutions for extensively damaged sealing surfaces or even seemingly fully destroyed parts and equipment, all this by combination of high-quality sealing elements together with special technologies and molecular polymer based materials.

We also offer CNC-cutting of various materials with a maximum thickness of 20 mm (max. 5 mm for PTFE). With one set-up, it is possible to process materials of a size of 1 500 x 3 000 mm. Even very small parts can be cut on the machine. The technology of the used equipment allows both single-part and batch production (atypical shapes and dimensions according to drawing).

24/48 Service

At +420 325 550 160, our company provides «24/48 Service» for active support of our customers in case of unexpected emergency situations 7 days a week 24 hours a day