The ecology first and foremost – EPDM

A new product of our company TEMASIL EXTRA

The diversity of sealed media and the constantly higher demands on protection of the enviroment puts a strain on further research and development of the new gasketing materials. This type of compressed synthetic fiber jointing sheet is composed of the unique rubber binding system. It is based on EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) which provides the excellent characteristics to this type of jointing. This product can be used in various kinds of industrial sectors, especially in pulp and paper industry. It is used for many different applications including steam.

  • Gasketing material based on aramid fibers
  • High quality rubber binding system EPDM/NBR
  • Enviromental friendly product
  • Suitable for sealing by products of the pulp and paper industry (such as black liquor and/or tall oil)