Camprofile gaskets

The gasket consists of a metallic core with a grooved profile and sealing layers.

– The gasket can be used for pressures up to 25 MPa and temperatures up to 1000 °C

– The gasket is applicable in a number of applications for all flange types (DIN, ASTM, EN, ČSN), it has a sturdy design ensuring uniform pressure distribution on the groove profile

– High reliability during temperature and pressure fluctuation

– The metallic core can be re-used

Profile shapes: Parallel (M18L, M 20L, M 21LM), or convex (M38L, M 40L, M 41LM), Special
Standard material of core: carbon steel, SS 316L, SS 304, SS 321 other materials are on demand
Standard material of layers: expanded graphite, CSF, PTFE Dimension: from 250 mm to 5000 mm