Temasil Titan

Unique sheet jointing material for high temperature applications, based upon a HNBR binding system. The product is formulated using the highest quality ingredients to ensure the outstanding properties of the finished gaskets.

Temasil Titan is a universal type of gasketing materials suitable for oil, fuel, steam, gas, water, hydrocarbons, solutions of organic and anorganic acids, refrigerants as well as lubricant (grease).

Max. short-term temperature:450 °C
Max. lasting temperature:400 °C (steam 350 °C)
Max. pressure:130 bar
Colour:Light blue
Print colour:pink
Marking acc. to DIN 28 091-2:FA-MAZ-0 (ST)
Marking acc. to ASTM F 104:F712 122 M5 (M7)
Marking acc.to BS 7531:GRADE AX
Possibility of wire mash:Yes
Sheet dimensions:1,5 x 1,5 m
Thickness::0,8 – 4,0 mm
Certification::TA Luft