Temasil NG

A new generation of fibrous and rubber jointing sheets formed by a special filler and adjusted NBR mixture predetermines the application of these sheets whenever the stress is laid on flexibility with a perfectly smooth surface. The new technology used is environmentally friendly with a reasonable price under excellent working conditions.

For it’s high-quality composition, these jointing sheets can be used in a wide range of applications of petrochemistry, oil production, chemical industry, food industry as well as engineering industry.

Max. short-term temperature:400 °C
Max. lasting temperature:250 °C (steam 200 °C)
Max. pressure:100 bar
Marking acc. to DIN 28 091-2:FA-MA-1-0 (ST)
Marking acc. to ASTM F 104:F712 111 M5 (M7)
Possibility of wire mash:Yes
Certification:DNV, DVGW, BAM, TZW, TA Luft, WRAS, PZH