Temagraph TG

Temagraph TG is high quality, graphite sealing sheet reinforced with an expanded, three-dimensional, stainless steel insert. The uniquue geometry of the expanded metal insert combined with the excellent sealing properties of the expanded graphite foils, provide the sheet with excellent thermal and mechanical loading capabilities.

Marking acc. to DIN 28 091-4:GR-10-O-1 MK-Cr
Max. temperature::from -200 to +550°C
Max. pressure:200 bar
Print colour:violet
Sheet dimensions:1,0×1,0; 1,5×1,5m
Thickness range:1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 3,0 mm
Number of inserts:1
Insert thickness:0,15 (Passo 6mm)
Material of insert (DIN/ASTM):1.4404 / SS 316L (stretch metal)