Uniflon 51

Uniflon 51 is a non-asbestous sheet sealing material from biaxially orientated PTFE and silica filler. Uniflon 51 is suitable for all chemical media across the entire pH range 0 to 14. Uniflon 51 is designed especially for strong acids (except hydrofluoric acid) and alkalis. It can further be used for solvents, fuels, water, steam and chlorine compounds. The sheets can be simply cut.

Max. temperature::From -200 °C to +260 °C
Max. pressure:85 bars
Density::2,2 g/cm3
Certification::FDA, BAM
Sheet dimensions:1,0×1,0; 1,5×1,5; 2,0×2,0 m
Thickness range:0,75; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0 mm
Marking acc. to DIN 28 091-3:TF-M-O