Temagraph S

Temagraph S is a basic sheet manufactured from expanded graphite without any reinforcing insertion. These sheets are also used in manufacturing of Temagraph materials with stainless steel or nickel insert reinforcement.

Temagraph S is used as a gasket or layer material for camprofile gaskets and as an insert for double jacketed gaskets. The sheets can be easy handled and cut.

Marking acc. to DIN 28 091-4:GR-10
Max. temperature::from -200 °C to +500 °C
Max. pressure:60 bar
Print colour:No print
Sheet dimensions:1,0×1,0; 1,5×1,5m
Thickness range:1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 3,0 mm
Number of inserts:
Insert thickness:
Material of insert (DIN/ASTM):No insert
Density::0,7 – 1,3 g/cm3