The Centre for Compressed Synthetic Fibre Production

The introduction of continuous production

Sales Succes: TEMAC a. s. increases the production of CSF jointing sheets

TEMAC is proud and so excited to announce the increase of the manufacturing capacities of its CSF jointing sheet department. The plant is now running in three shifts for 24/7 production. The current expansion in production capacities was necessary due to the growing success of TEMAC gasketing materials world-wide. The sales has been growing constantly since the financial crisis in the year 2008 again and also the new launched grades including TEMASIL Titan are doing exceptionally well. TEMAC has recently upped the manufacturing capacities for all jointing sheets made in the plant and has created new jobs to staff of the incoming shifts. The said re-organization of the production process will reflect the capacity increase of about 20% in general.

The management of TEMAC intends to invest in the new calendering machine that will enable the company to expand even further in the near future. This significant investment in its manufacturing capabilities in TEMAC will ensure our customers the “best in class” delivery lead times. TEMAC has experienced the rise of the order intake which would mean the increase of lead times, normally. However this investment and taken advances and actions mean we can actually reduce the lead time which is industry standard now.

Non-stop production signifies TEMAC fixed goals which are wasting of no time and cost efficiency improvement. 24/7 manufacturing process introduced by TEMAC was in direct response to the customers. It takes never-ending efforts to maintain high customer satisfaction levels. We are confident that we offer swift turnaround in industry on our sealing material range now, which is essential for maintaining TEMAC`s position in the global gasket and sealing product sector.